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Bill 157 and Occasional Teachers

IMPORTANT: New Duties and Mandatory Training

New legislation came into effect on February 1st, 2010, requiring staff who work directly with students to respond to incidents that have a negative impact on the school climate, and all school staff to report to the principal incidents that can lead to suspension or expulsion.  Both these requirements apply to an Occasional Teacher on a daily or LTO assignment in a school.

TRAINING MODULE:  The Board has developed an on-line Safe Schools Training Module for Occasional Teachers on the requirements of Bill 157, accessible through Connect2Learn on bww.  You have been sent the training information through the board e-mail - check your e-mail as soon as possible!  Until May 7th, you may use the ½ period APA portion of your first daily supply assignment to access this training module at a school.  You should inform the Administration and STAR secretary at the school that you will need this time.  Alternatively the online module may be completed on your own time.  Completion of this training module will be a condition of eligibility for assignments in the 2010-11 school year.

RESPONDING:  All staff who work directly with students (including any Occasional Teacher in a school) must respond to incidents that will have a negative impact on the school climate. Examples of inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour include racist, sexual, sexist or homophobic comments, slurs and jokes or graffiti, as well as those activities and behaviours outlined above that can lead to suspension or expulsion.  Staff must respond to all incidents, unless doing so would cause immediate physical harm to themselves, a student or any other person.  Responding may include asking the students to stop the inappropriate behaviour, identifying the behaviour, explaining why it is inappropriate or disrespectful and the harm it may cause, asking the students to change their behaviour in future.  In these cases staff are expected to report the incident to the principal as soon as it is safe to do so.

REPORTING:  If a teacher or any other school staff learns of an incident that could have a negative impact on school climate and could lead to a student being suspended or expelled it must be reported. 

Student behaviours that can lead to suspension include uttering threats of serious bodily harm, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, vandalism to school property, bullying and cyberbullying, and swearing at a person in a position of authority.  Student behaviours that can lead to expulsion include possessing or using a weapon to cause or threaten bodily harm, physical assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault, trafficking in weapons or illegal drugs, giving alcohol to a minor, and robbery.

These behaviours can lead to suspension or expulsion and must be reported when they occur at school, at school-related activities or off school property where it has a negative impact on school climate.

When reporting, Board employees must consider the safety of others and the urgency of the situation in reporting to incident no later than the end of the school day.  All reports to the Principal must be confirmed in writing using Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form Part 1 (available in the main office of the school).  Teachers and Occasional Teachers are encouraged to keep their own record of having reported the incident, but privacy legislation prohibits photocopying the completed form.  The Principal is required to acknowledge receipt of the written report using Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form Part 2, which will indicate whether action was taken or no action was required.  Teachers and Occasional Teachers are encouraged to keep this form in their records.  If action is taken, a copy of the documentation indicating the action taken will be filed in the student's OSR for one year, without the names of any other students.

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