Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 16 York Region

CPAC (Communication & Political Action)

Working to Ensure the Teachers Issues are Heard

The focus of the CPAC (Communication/Political Action) committee is to investigate political issues affecting District 16 members and education. CPAC also represents District 16 on the Toronto and York Region labour Council (a council composed of unions within Toronto and York Region).

This committee is also responsible for the promotion of activities and programs of secondary schools; to inform teachers of issues and programs of relevance; to publish the district newsletter on a regular basis; and to establish a project/goal to complete during the year.

The district newsletter SIGNAL is published once a month from September to July.  If you would like to submit an article to be published in SIGNAL, send it via email to the Signal Editor, Blair Vowles (blair.vowles@osstfd16.on.ca).    

The school representatives of CPAC tend to be more involved during elections years (municipal and provincial).  CPAC also distributes information to the members of District 16 on a wide variety of issues ranging from local political concerns to international concerns.