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OSSTF District 16 Health and Safety

All workers have the three basic rights.  You have the right to KNOW about hazards in the workplace.  You have the right to PARTICIPATE with the employer (the Board) in health and safety activities, through the Teachers' Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC).  You also have the right to REFUSE work you believe is dangerous to your health and safety, after ensuring your students are in a safe location. 

Your D16 Health & Safety Officer, Scott West, is a York Region teacher who, under the Ontario Ministry of Labour Regulations, represents you during monthly meetings of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) and in meetings with Ministry of Labour representatives (ex:  work refusal).  You are also represented on the JOHSC by a second D16 Teacher Representative, Dave Lanziner.  The D16 Health and Safety Officer completes regularly scheduled (yearly) inspections of your school, investigates teacher accidents and workplace concerns, reports workplace accidents, hazards and dangers, assists in resolving work refusal cases, and recommends corrective actions.

Minutes of JOHSC meetings are available on the Board's bww site, under Health and Safety Department.

All schools must have a H&S bulletin board, as required by Ministry of Labour regulations, with relevant information for all D16 teachers.

The District 16 Ad Hoc Health and Safety Committee meets each month to discuss issues, concerns, reports of accidents or near misses, and other Health and Safety related occurences, and to make recommendations regarding issues and concerns to take to the next JOHSC meeting.

If you are a teacher interested in Health and Safety issues, you are invited to our monthly meetings at the D16 office.

Related Attachments

  • Accident-Incident Flow Chart Accident-Incident Flow Chart osstfflowchart.pdf | 762.2KB

    This flow chart outlines how to report all work related injuries and near misses, to your administration. 
    All reporting forms are available on this page. 
    The Board's accident form and fact sheet are both also available in your school's main office and on bww

  • OSSTF Accident Concern Form OSSTF Accident Concern Form osstf-hs-accident-concern-form.pdf | 253.9KB

    You have a duty to report all H&S concerns to your principal and your principal has a duty to respond to your concern.  Use this form for all non-critical H&S issues and remind your principal to respond in writing.  Keep your own copy of the completed form.  Contact your H&S Officer for any critical issue, or when the administration response to your non-critical issue does not address the concern.

  • WSIB Exposure Incident Report WSIB Exposure Incident Report wsib-worker-sexposureincidentform.pdf | 216.5KB

    If you suspect you've been exposed to a dangerous substance, always complete the Board's "Employee Accident/Incident Report".  You may elect to complete the WSIB "Worker's Exposure Incident Form" below.  This form is intended for voluntary use when an unplanned workplace exposure has resulted from a leak, spill, explosion, release, or an unexpected contact with a chemical or other substance.  The completed form is sent directly to WSIB.  This form can also be completed online at the WSIB website.

    - Keep your own copy of the information you send to WSIB.
    - You must also complete the Board's Employee Accident/Incident Report form.
    - You may be requested to submit other medical information.

Contact Information

Scott West

District Executive Officer

Business: 905-836-5954 Extension 101

Mobile: 289-221-5042

Mobile: 905-715-8082