Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 16 York Region

Health and Safety Forms

OSSTF D16 and Board Health and Safety Forms

Health and Safety is taken very seriously with the Board and OSSTF which is why we ask our members to always REPORT IT!  When you get asked or you yourself have one of the following questions listed below, here are the form names and their links so you can fill out the form:  

1.   There is a chance that I may encounter a student that has a history of violence that is not in my class.
Notification of Risk of Injury

Students with IEP and Safety Plan:

Students with IAP (no Safety Plan):

2.   I have injured myself at the workplace.
Employee Accident/Incident Report Form

3A.   A student has committed an act that they could be suspended or expelled for.
Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form- Part I

3B.   When should I get the response from Administration for filling out Part I
Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form- Part II

4.   I know of a H&S concern in my workplace and it is not being followed up on.
OSSTF Accident Concern Form 

5.   I have been exposed to a substance and am concerned about my future health.
Worker Exposure Incident Form 

6.   Due to a Health and Safety risk I do not feel comfortable completing my job duties.
Concern/Work Refusal Form



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