Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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Member Engagement Funds

Do you have an idea for a Member Engagement Activity?

D16 is committed to promoting member engagement throughout the district. Activities can be in-school social gatherings, off-site social events that help members better understand the workings of OSSTF, both provincially and in the District.

If you have an idea for a Member Engagement Activity and would like to access Member Engagement Funds, complete the application below and return it to the D16 office for approval. Funding will be limited to a maximum of $500 for an event or activity. With the Branch limit of $1,000 per school year (i.e. one in first semester and one in second semester). 

Here are some examples of activities/events possible for this unique school year 2020-2021 (FYI: this is not an exhaustive list, and members are asked to brainstorm and 'think outside the box')

Social Events/Activities
1. gift card for coffee (i.e. Tim Hortons $5-10 per member)
2. gift card to a local shop ($5-10 per member)
3. volunteer activity (such as at a local food bank, shelter)

4. planning a virtual event (i.e. online yoga, online webinar)
Federation sponsorship of a local event (i.e. community fair, parade, virtual community event)

 * As this is unique year if there are new ideas to use this fund that require clarification  please feel free to contact the DEO Gerry Harrison at gerry.harrison@osstfd16.on.ca

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